It’s Episode 1 of Forward March NY’s new podcast: Women Who Pod!

Have you been drowning in national news, while wondering WTF is going on in New York State politics? Fear no more — on the first of each month, Anat, Elissa, and Danielle will help you digest the biggest national political headlines of the previous month, as well as local New York State news. They’ll close out with The Breakdown, in which they’ll tackle one of the hottest topics of the month in women’s lives and lay out all the facts.

On this episode: What does Trump have to brag about at his State of the Union? Who are the IDC (Independent Democratic Conference) and how are they ruining New York State’s progressive politics? And in the wake of #MeToo and the “bad date” Aziz Ansari story, what are the real stats on sexual assault in the U.S. and how does it truly affect women?