New York’s voter turnout is one of the lowest in the country. Why?

When voter turnout is high, progressive candidates win. Similar to our gerrymandering problem, republican lawmakers have done everything they can to ensure that voting is difficult. They do not want everyone to vote.

According to Nonprofit VOTE, New York has the 49th lowest voter turnout in the country.

These are just a few policies that set us behind the rest of the country:

  • There is no online or automatic voter registration
  • Voter registration must be complete 25 days prior to each election
  • In order to vote with an absentee ballot, you must attest to a reason for why you cannot appear at the polling station
  • Many polls are not accessible for people with disabilities
  • We have very limited early voting capabilities
  • Bills have been proposed to make our ballots’ designs more voter-friendly to reduce confusion, but they remain stalled in Albany
  • We do not have open primaries, and have the most restrictive deadline in the country when it comes to voting in primaries
  • New York does not restore voting rights post-incarceration, and has had voters purged from voter rolls without cause

States with the highest voter participation have early in-person voting and no-fault absentee voting. We can make sure voting in our state is fair and accessible by:

Demand your representative participate in voting reform now!