This is a resource for New Yorkers developed by a collaboration of organizations that support a vote YES for the constitutional convention, including Forward March NY, etc, etc. and it will continue to be updated through November 7, 2017.

LAST UPDATED: Oct 22, 2017

What is a constitutional convention (or the con con)?

How does a constitutional convention work?

I’ve heard that unions could lose their rights in the con con. What does this mean?

Will special interests take over the con con if we vote yes?

Is the con con going to be a waste of tons of money?


How will a convention save taxpayer dollars?


How will we pay for the con con?


Why do you support a vote yes for the con con?


Which organizations support the New York State constitutional convention?

Organization Facebook Twitter Instagram
New Kings Democrats newkingsdemocrats newkingsdems
New York People’s Convention NYPeoplesConvention peoplevoteyes peoplevoteyes
New York Says Yes NYsaysYES NYsaysYES NYsaysYES
New York State Bar Association NYSBA nysba nystatebar
New York City Bar Association NYCBarCLE
League of Women Voters NY LWVNYS LWVNYS
The Black Institute The-Black-Institute theblackinst
Cannabis 4 NY LegalWeed4NY Cannabis4NY cannabis4ny
Citizens Union CitizensUnionNY CitizensUnionNY citizensunionny
Effective NY EffectiveNY EffectiveNY
Rockefeller Institute of Government rockefellerinst rockefellerinst
Committee for a Constitutional Convention
Sanctuary State NY SanctuaryState SanctuaryStateNY
Protect NY Kids protectnykids


Which editorial boards support the con con?

Which elected officials support the con con?

What can we achieve in the con con? / What do New Yorkers want and that hasn’t happened in Albany?

Affordable Healthcare

Women’s Healthcare

Home Rule

Affordable Housing by Closing the LLC Loophole

Ethics Reform

Criminal Justice Reform

Can’t we amend the constitution in other ways?

How do we know our delegates will have our best interests at heart?

Who is funding the Yes or No on Question 1 campaigns?

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